Artista apps has introduced adventurous monkey jumping game along with other apps & games

In search of exclusive design & digital art material? Are you willing to play the stimulating games in your mobile? Want to have the flawless business app? Artista is an art & design studio that is a one stop solution for any of the above questions.


Artista serves you for:

  • Web layout designs
  • Graphics design
  • Digital art illustration
  • Character designs
  • Photoshop stuff
  • Brochure Design
  • Logo Creation
  • Office stationary
  • Branding & promotional material
  • Sketches
  • Magazines & book cover designs

Qualities of Artista:

  • Latest designs on the go relevant to your business purpose
  • Interactive app navigation for better user experience
  • Long & correct description of each product
  • Get suggestions for related products
  • Instant availability of quality stuff through mobiles
  • A great collection of graphics for small business branding
  • Amazing games & mobile apps by a prominent developer
  • Designs are guaranteed to click in the minds forever


Artista launched MatchMe element matching game. Designers have crafted three attractive themes — Sunny theme, Beach theme, Night theme. Player is supposed to encircle the similar shapes, alphabets or animals. When the similar elements are encircled together, then they will blast. This is a key to make the points. Encircle the similar objects many times & break the top score.


Features of MatchMe Game:

  • Captivating themes to leave good impact on player
  • Option to choose the theme which you like the most
  • Easily score making game
  • Grab the chance & collect bonus points & extra life


A monkey jumping adventurous game causes a fun while playing. It is good to see the cute expressions of monkey. Tap on the screen & make the monkey jump. Monkey is hungry so feed him the bananas hanging on the tree. Bananas are the secret for collecting the points. Protect them from the falling coconuts & wondering tigers. These both takes a life of Monkey.


Features of MON-JI game:

  • Nice integration of graphics & animation
  • Suddenly appearing tigers & falling coconuts creates adventure
  • Monkey’s expressions can refresh your mind
  • Only a tap to have control over the game
  • User can play it using one finger only


A princess rescue game of Artista is absolutely exciting to play. Princess is really willing to meet the prince. Lovely daizy clouds are the only hurdles between them. Give right direction to prince to cross the rows of lovely Daizy clouds. You need to play it many times, because a wrong step means the prince will directly put to the very first step of first level.

daizyscreensFeatures of Daizy Game:

  • The engaging 6 levels in the game
  • Game continues around the Prince, Princess & Daizy cloud
  • Highly concentrated night theme in background
  • A memory testing game


Recipe sharing app SURE is defined dedicatedly for the cooking lovers. It is the best platform for the home cooks who are really willing to cook the mouth-watering food everyday for their loved ones. The most practised cooks are also facilitated to upload their signature dishes in the apps. Specifically, for the foodies this app is a boon. All the appetizing recipes from the international cuisines are introduced with illustration. Download recipe sharing app & plan the delicious menu.

surescreensFeatures of SURE app:

  • Cooking experts are supposed to share their appetizing dishes
  • Get the complete recipes with illustration
  • Upload your own recipes or read the recipes of others
  • Name of all ingredients with exact amount or quantity required
  • Each type of dish is included from starter to desert
  • Plan a week menu & print any recipe


Artista proves its expertise by making the striking story book app + game BONx2. This feature-packed app comes up with the two exclusive features. Read the interesting & exciting stories conveniently from your mobile. Once you need a break then start playing see-saw game. Find the app in the Google play store & iTunes store.


Features of BONx2 game:

  • Read the stories choosing the language you know
  • For a change, play the see-saw balancing game
  • Reader-friendly format to read out the story
  • Stories are categorized chapter-wise

These most recommended apps belong to game category, lifestyle category, education, etc. Download them now and enjoy your time!!

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Jumping monkey game is coming to keep you active with great excitement

Jumping monkey game is all about jumps of monkey on tress to survive by eating bananas and keeping his self safe from falling coconuts.

MON-JI banner-1Today’s Young generation are getting much and much addicted with their mobile phones and smart devices. It seems like they can’t even survive without these gadgets. The analysed information also suggest that high ratio of children had more costly devices than their guardians. Playing free fun games is one of the strongest reasons to have a mobile or any smart device always in the hands. Active games makes individual captivated and thrilled with the amusement they contain.

MON-JI is an upcoming, fantastic jumping monkey game especially intended for all fans of monkey games. It is an impeccable and highly addictive game. Once you get involved with MON-JI, You will doubtlessly need to play it over and over.

How to play:

-You have to tap on the screen to make a monkey jump
-Wait for the exact minute to jump on the next banana tree
-You need to save a monkey from the falling coconuts
-Don’t jump too early otherwise you will fall off
-Collect more and more bananas to get high score
-Keep jumping to overcome the obstacles

MON-JI will keep you entertained for a considerable length of time. Try not to let your monkey turn into a furious monkey by making him fall off the tree. Attempt your best to get more and more bananas. Do the precise jumps and make your monkey happy. Monkey banana games online are a nice past time when you feel bored and want to relax. The MON-JI monkey is a very cute and delightful character. Like all jungle monkeys, he also loves bananas but falling coconuts are being hurdles for him to get more bananas.


-Simple and just single-tap to play
-Stunning graphics
-Lovely monkey with funny emotions
-Online high-scores
-Very addictive
-Suitable for all ages
-Minimum permission
-Feel comfortable
-Available on Android and iOS phone
-Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment

Play this free online monkey games which not only keep you excited and active but it also enhance your absorption power, focus as well as coordination. Challenge yourself to catch as much as you can and improve your online score. You can challenge your friends and other players from all around the globe and be at the top position in the matter of high score. We wish you a good luck for this excellent and upcoming MON-JI game.

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